Insurance FAQs

Insurance FAQs

Is car insurance more expensive in Los Angeles?

Answer : Insurance rates vary from person to person.  What may be cheap for you, may not be as cheap for your neighboor.  Factors such as your age, driving record and the model of your car influence how much you’re going to pay.

However, L.A county is the most expensive county in CA.  So be prepared to pay a little more than if you lived anywhere else.  There’s no shortage of insurance agents, so don’t be shy to ask for quotes and be sure to negociate your premiums.  Contrary to popular belief, insurance companies DO need your business and are willing to budge on their prices in order to secure you as a client.  Be sure to use that to your advantage.

Who are the cheapest online carriers?

Answer : Who offers the cheapest insurance rates is constantly changing.  Agencies are constantly updating their rates.  This means that your current insurance provider may have been the cheapest last year, but could be one of the most expensive today.

Your best bet is to use our Auto Insurance Comparison Tool.  Enter your zip code and we’ll display the carriers offering the lowest rates in your area.

Another option is to contact an indenpendant insurance agent to do the shopping for you.  They know the market pretty well.  Consult our City Directory to find agents in your area.

Can CA insurance companies change their rates based on your location?

Answer : If you look at the top of our site, we ask you to input your zip code so we can offer you location specific quotes from agents in your area.  As far as I know, they can change their rates as they please depending on your location.  So someone who lives a few counties over may not get the same quotes as you even if its from the same company or agent.

If I live in New-York, can I still have car insurance from California?

Answer : Yes!  most companies are nationwide.  They will gladly set you up with a local agent that can get you a proper rate for your new location.

If I got into an accident, how long would it stay on my record?

Answer : Any accident that involves a police report and claims you are at fault is automatically reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  If you, or any one person has over $750 in damages or if a death is involved, then the DMV will include that in your record and will remain there for over 3 years.  Insurance companies will take this information into account when determing the rates you should pay for your policy.

Obviously, it’s in your best interest to keep a clean driving record.  So drive safe folks.


If you have a question concerning your car insurance in california and would like us to answer it, please fill the form below and we’ll be more than answer it for you.