Instant California Car Insurance Quotes


Hey I'm Todd Spencer, a very active blogger and car insurance consultant in the LA area. I believe that auto insurance should be more than an after thought. That's why I write so much about how to avoid paying too much for you insurance. Be sure to get a quote now so you can start saving a ton of money on your car insurance.

California, knows how to party. That’s a very popular line from a rap song by Dr. Dre and Tupac. But get caught in California without insurance and the party is over. That’s why you should get a instant California car insurance quote right now. Doing so is the only way you can be sure you are getting the best deal on your insurance. And thanks to the internet you can get quotes from multiple insurance companies right from the comfort of your home.

Getting a quote

Its fast, easy and most importantly its free. Now before you get your instant California car insurance quote, its important that you understand some of the laws that govern car insurance in the state. Like most states, California uses the tort system. That basically means whoever is deemed to have caused the accident is responsible for any and all costs associated with it. That’s why having insurance is so important.

You want to make sure you are covered no matter what. In the state of California it is illegal to drive without insurance. If you get stopped and can’t show proof of insurance, you could find yourself with a suspended license and a court date. And while insurance costs can be pretty high in California, the great thing is that they have some of the lowest liability requirements in the United States.

The minimum coverage you need is 15/30/5

That means you need $15,000 liability coverage for injury or death to one person in an accident, $30,000 liability coverage for injury or death to more than one person per accident and $5,000 liability coverage for damage to property per accident.

However, it might be a good idea to get higher limit coverage just to be safe. It only takes one accident to send you into financial ruin. If you are considered a low risk driver under the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan, you are allowed to get a liability insurance policy of only 10/20/3.

Before you even think about drinking without insurance take 5 minutes to get a instant California car insurance quote. It’s more than just a legal obligation. It’s about protecting you and your family in the event of a car accident. And remember, you don’t need to call or visit the insurance company to get a quote. You can just get online and get all the quotes you need.

The internet creates an atmosphere where companies fight for your business. Some websites will provide quotes from several different companies. Each company wants your business. That gives you the advantage. Never take the first quote you receive. You can use a quote as bargaining tools.

When you are ready to get your car insurance quote go to your favorite search engine and type in “instant california car insurance quote”. You will find a variety of different sites you can use. Once you find the one you want to use type in the needed information and with the click of a button you will have several insurance quotes to look at.

Take your time and read the information on each company. Make sure you understand the ins and outs of the policy. Once you find a policy that you are comfortable with you can fill out all the information online and within a matter of minutes you will be properly insured.