High-Risk California Auto Insurance


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California High Risk Auto Insurance

Are you considered as "high-risk" in the eyes of insurance companies?

As you may, or may not know, most states require that drivers have insurance for their vehicles.  Plans and rates vary wildly.  The minimum level of coverage is liability insurance which covers another driver in the event the policy holder has an accident.

However, the state of California recognizes that not all drivers are created equally and thus know that certain drivers are at higher risk for collisions.  Such high-risk drivers include younger (teenaged) drivers, due to their relative lack of driving experience. Generally, teenaged drivers will pay much higher insurance premiums than adult drivers.

Are you considered a High Risk Driver?

More people are considered as non-standard drivers than were just a decade ago, so high risk auto insurance plans are becoming more and more common.  Here are the criteria to be considered as high risk :

  1. If you’ve had your license suspended or revoked.
  2. If you require an SR-22 policy.
  3. If you are over 70 years of age.  Luckily, you can still get reduced rates if you shop around.  Get a quote now to see if you qualify.
  4. If you are under the age of 20.  Teenagers are considered very inexperienced and at extreme risk of having an accident.
  5. If you have a history of being in accidents.  These can cause your premiums to sky rocket to astronomical proportions.

What should teenage drivers do?

High Risk Teenage Drivers

Teenage Drivers are considered High Risk by insurance companies in California.

Younger drivers should learn and practice good driving habits diligently in order for their rates to go down. They may qualify for lower rates on high-risk California auto insurance, more commonly known as “Non Standard” insurance, if they pass a driver’s education course that is state-approved or they have a B average or higher in school. Choosing a higher deductible and not driving sports or luxury cars can also help a teen/driver that is categorized as high-risk as they are, in turn, regarded as high risk vehicles.  We recommend people look into what classifications their cars fall under in order to see how much they should be paying for car insurance.

High-risk California auto insurance is available to teenagers in the form of stand-alone policies.  Parents not wishing to pay for stand-alone high-risk California auto insurance for their teens have the option of adding them to their existing policies, although this will result in higher premiums.

Why all the hubbub for teenage drivers?

It should be noted that the rate of fatalities from car accidents in California is one of the highest in the country for 16 to 17 year-old teens.

Because of this, in 1997 California instituted Graduated Driver Licensing. Under this law, teenaged drivers are required to pass an approved course in driver’s education. They must receive professional training (a minimum of six hours is required). They must drive under a provisional learner’s permit for the first six months that they are on the road. Until they complete 50 hours of driving time, they are required to drive in the company of a licensed adult over the age of 25. When they do apply for a driver’s license, it will be a 60-day interim license. If during this period the application for a license is granted, the teenaged driver will be issued a provisional license, which has several temporary stipulations.

Note : Because of their status, not every company will offer high-risk California auto insurance.

The overall premium will be based not only on age and the type of vehicle, but also on the policy holder’s driving record. Situations which will result in higher premiums include citations for accidents, speeding, and other traffic violations. Most insurance companies will take the previous three years of the driver’s record into account when determining the rate of coverage. Gender and location are also common factors.

What else you should know about High Risk Auto Insurance in California

Drivers in urban areas can expect to pay more in insurance premiums than drivers in rural areas. Female drivers are usually also considered to be a better insurance risk. Parents of teen drivers should weigh their options carefully when making choices about high-risk California auto insurance for their children.

Here’s a video talking about Graduated Driver Licensing and why High Risk Auto Insurance exists