Cheap California Auto Insurance


Hey I'm Todd Spencer, a very active blogger and car insurance consultant in the LA area. I believe that auto insurance should be more than an after thought. That's why I write so much about how to avoid paying too much for you insurance. Be sure to get a quote now so you can start saving a ton of money on your car insurance.

California is well known for its high end standard of living and therefore getting a cheap auto insurance policy is not easy but it is not entirely impossible. Since public transportation is not a reliable option in California due to the numerous freeways, everybody is obliged to have private means of transportation be it a car, a truck or even a motorcycle. Most insurance premiums are way out of reach of low income earners leaving most drivers in this category uninsured contrary to California laws. This article provides information on how to get Cheap California auto insurance.

California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Programs were designed to provide cheap auto insurance to drivers who cannot afford conventional insurance policies. The program is run by the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan and provides information on cheaper insurance rates in categories such as theft and vandalism, international insurance and any other benefits the insured is entitled to.

Auto insurance laws in California require the liability cover to include damage to the car or property of the other party, medical expenses of the driver and passengers. The insurance premiums for such basic risks are out of reach for low income earners hence the need for cheap auto insurance arrangement. To enjoy cheap auto insurance rates, there are a few conditions that must be met. One of them is that the driver must have a clean driverís license; meaning no accidents or violation of traffic regulations such as speeding or drunken driving. Drivers are also required to undergo further driving tests to ascertain their skills on defensive driving. Auto insurance companies administer these tests and issue drivers with certificates of competence. Other ways of increasing the chances of benefiting from cheap auto insurance include the installation of automobile security and safety systems such as car alarms and airbags.

The auto insurance business in California is very robust and competitive. It is important to obtain insurance quotes from various companies so as to get the best bargains. Most insurance companies have their quotes available online making it easy for comparisons. There are basic guidelines for getting cheap but best auto insurance quotes. Some of these guidelines include driver discounts and liability limit for injury or damage. There are various auto insurance discounts available such as driver discounts, emergency discounts for professionals such as police, doctors and firefighters as well as multiple policy discounts.

When comparing rates, it is recommended to obtain rates from the leading insurance companies. This is because big companies give the best rates as they are assured of good returns due to huge customer numbers. In fact most online auto insurance brokers provide quotes from leading auto insurance companies as they not only provide low rates but also provide multiple policy options with affordable premiums.

Getting Cheap California Auto Insurance is not for the faint hearted, this is because the insurance industry is very diverse and individual requirements are varied. To obtain the insurance cover that suits you requires a careful analysis of the available options. The best approach is to understand the laws governing the insurance industry in the state you live in, your financial situation, the type of car you drive and the basic minimum insurance cover required by law.