Affordable Insurance Rates


Hey I'm Todd Spencer, a very active blogger and car insurance consultant in the LA area. I believe that auto insurance should be more than an after thought. That's why I write so much about how to avoid paying too much for you insurance. Be sure to get a quote now so you can start saving a ton of money on your car insurance.

Nearly everyone wants a cheap car insurance offer, but how do you actually end up with one? Luckily, there are dozens of things you can do to lower your California auto insurance cost. While some steps might require detailed research, some only require you to make good plans before taking one. However, it is important to note that focusing solely on the cheapest auto insurance rate might not be the best thing to do. Ideally, cutting insurance costs does not make any sense if you are also shortchanging quality.

Simple ways of getting the right auto insurance quote :

1.    Comparison shopping

Through comparison shopping, you can uncover the best policy in terms of price. Basically, comparison shopping involves you looking at different quotes on offer and picking out the best ones that meet your goals and objectives. Experts advise that comparison shopping should be done at least every six to 12 months since many policies are usually adjusted on a regular basis.

2.    Bundle your policies

Many insurance firms offer both home insurance and car insurance covers at once. By combining the two policies into one and only make a single payment, chances of getting lower rates are always high. It is not unusual to save as much as 10 to 20% when you agree to sign up for a combined insurance cover in the same firm.

3.    Check for any kind of discount

Though this might sound so obvious, you might still fail to take full advantage of it. Basically, many insurance firms have discounts in place that help market their services and offers. Always take time to research and find out the various discount offers that might work for you before signing up for the policy. With the ever increasing competition in the market, getting an insurance company that hardly offers a discount is close to impossible.

4.    Go for the right type of car

Insurance policies are usually rated in line with the car being covered. Expensive cars will always attract a higher rate as compared to a cheaper one. In addition, cars that cost less to repair will have a lower rating as compared to those that cost a lot of money to repair. Many insurance companies also look at the safety features included in the car before rating it. Basically, a car that has more safety features like anti lock brakes, automatic seat belts and side air bags will attract a low insurance rating.

5.    Avoid accidents and tickets

Your past driving history will also play an important role in determining the California auto insurance rate you get. Careless driving will mean that you are more vulnerable to getting accidents and this will attract a higher insurance rating. Therefore, avoid speed driving, drunk driving and accidents since this might cause your insurance rates to go higher. In essence, getting the right insurance cover solely lies with your decision and considerations. By carrying out a detailed research about the available policies, you can easily identify one that is cheap and reasonable. The Internet can be a good research tool that you can use in seeking the best policy.