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Apple Valley Insurance

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Apple Valley Zip Codes :

  • 92307
  • 92308

Car Insurance Facts – Apple Valley

Minimum car insurance requirements in Apple Valley, California are 15/30/15. What this means is any vehicle owner must have car insurance which provides at least the following coverage:

  • $15,000 for coverage towards injuries or death of one person
  • $30,000 of coverage for death or injuries of multiple people
  • and $5,000 of coverage for property damage due to an accident by your fault.

This is the bare minimum and if you think about it these minimum coverage limits are almost comical since surely an attorney will ask for a lot more than $15,000 if your accident ends in a fatality. Any driver really needs to consider purchasing more than the bare minimum and you may be surprised how cheap it is to bump your limits up to $100,000 or more for each item above.

Auto Insurance Agents in Apple Valley

21011 Bear Valley Rd Ste 1, Apple Valley, CA 92308
(760) 247-8848
State Farm
20786 Bear Valley Rd Ste B, Apple Valley, CA 92308
(760) 240-5900
20200 Us Highway 18, Apple Valley, CA 92307
(760) 242-0990
Access, Commerce West, Mercury, GMAC, Western General, Fidelity, Safeco, Progressive, Mendota
13692 Apple Valley Rd, Apple Valley, CA 92308
(760) 247-4884
26565 Via Pariso Rd, Apple Valley, CA 92308
(760) 961-6997
10941 Saratoga Rd, Apple Valley, CA 92308
(760) 240-1200
19201 Bear Valley Rd Ste C, Apple Valley, CA 92308
(760) 247-4110
19167 Us Highway 18 Ste 1, Apple Valley, CA 92307
(760) 242-2345
18835 Us Highway 18, Apple Valley, CA 92307
(760) 242-8865
18835 Us Highway 18 Ste A, Apple Valley, CA 92307
(760) 242-6600
18838 Us Highway 18, Apple Valley, CA 92307
(760) 242-4399
20601 Us Highway 18 Ste 171, Apple Valley, CA 92307
(760) 961-2000
State Farm
18157 Us Highway 18, Apple Valley, CA 92307
(760) 242-4651
17993 Us Highway 18 Ste 104, Apple Valley, CA 92307
(760) 242-9131
class=”agency_adress”16048 Tuscola Rd Ste 1, Apple Valley, CA 92307
(760) 242-0033
State Farm
17844 Wika Rd, Apple Valley, CA 92307
(760) 242-4992

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