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Hey I'm Todd Spencer, a very active blogger and car insurance consultant in the LA area. I believe that auto insurance should be more than an after thought. That's why I write so much about how to avoid paying too much for you insurance. Be sure to get a quote now so you can start saving a ton of money on your car insurance.

Low-cost California auto insurance is a good way to enjoy being a car owner. Insurance is needed to keep your car on the road. Good California auto insurance coverage will help minimize your losses in case of an accident or theft.  It is also mandatory by California law for every driver to have car insurance.

One of the best ways to be covered for your safety is getting a cheap California Auto Insurance Quote. But the problem is that California Auto Insurance can be quite expensive and make you not enjoy your car to its full extent. Before you buy a car, make sure you ask about the insurance first. This is to prevent you from buying a car you will not be able to drive. This applies to new cars as well as used cars.

Some of the ways to get Cheap California Auto Insurance are:

  1. The mileage is one of the factors considered in California auto insurance. If you have thousands of miles over standard mileage per year, you are considered as high risk. High risk means that you can easily get involved in an accident. Therefore, the insurance company will charge you more. Reduced mileage is a good way of getting low-cost auto insurance in California.
  2. Having safety features installed in the vehicle can greatly reduce your auto insurance cost. Some examples of good safety features are burglar alarms and airbags.
  3. If you apply for home insurance from the same insurance company that gave you car insurance, it is possible to get a discount on your auto insurance.
  4. Increasing your deductible for your California Auto Insurance Coverage can let you get cheaper insurance.
  5. Buy a new car instead of a used one. A used car is worth virtually nothing if destroyed in any accident. This is because after the deductible is paid you may be left with nothing. Therefore, your total insurance cost would be high.
  6. Do not call the insurance company for every incident. For instance, when a minor accident occurs, you should handle it yourself. A minor accident like a small mirror damage, a loose pedal, etc.This is because those who file many claims will always have higher auto insurance bills to settle.
  7. Shop around all the different California auto insurance companies for the one that offers the best deal. This may take you some time but it will pay off in the end.
  8. Try to keep a clean driving record. If you have a poor driving record, California insurance companies will consider you a high risk and slam you with high premiums.
  9. Auto insurance companies consider teenagers to be high risk. If you are a teenager, consider sharing the car with your parents. This means that the auto insurance policy will be under the coverage of your parents and you will get low cost auto insurance.

Finding cheap California car insurance is not all that hard.  Try to be on the clean path, take the necessary precautions and you will always keep your auto insurance bill at a minimum.

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